Baazigar Af Somali


Baazigar Af Somali

Baazigar Af Somali’s story spins around Aarav and Arundati, who’re appeared to be particularly infatuated toward the begin of the show. Aarav grabs each chance to shock Arundati and make her upbeat. Before long their wedding arrangements start yet on the big day it is uncovered that Aarav loathes Arundati and was wedding her fair to render retribution as Arundati slapped him previously (flashback). Aarav leaves the mandap leaving everybody stunned. Arundati who’s still in an injury ends up being pregnant with Aarav’s tyke yet later endures an unsuccessful labor. She chooses to deliver retribution and increase back her lost regard and commandingly goes into Aarav’s home as his significant other and begins living with him. Aarav plots against Arundati so as to show her out of his home yet falls flat without fail. Aarav in the mean time kills his own particular father. Before long it is uncovered that Aarav additionally murdered his mom by harming her since she was miserable with his dad and they continually battled and Aarav needed to facilitate her sufferings. Arundati soon understands that Aarav has some concealed sharp past which extraordinarily influences his present activities and that past is connected to the happenings of his ninth birthday party. She orchestrates a birthday party like that of Aarav’s ninth birthday and amid the gathering a wooden entryway falls on Aarav and he experiences an injury which prompts to his mind swinging to that of a 9 year old. Arundati watches over him while the various relatives question her goals. She discovers that on his ninth birthday Aarav saw his dad with his Masi (now his progression mother), likewise he was assaulted by the house worker. Aarav’s dadi and Arundati contact a specialist over Aarav’s condition and the specialist requests that they get a similar hireling front of Aarav keeping in mind the end goal to turn around his injury. Then again it is uncovered that Aarav’s progression mother is plotting to murder both Aarav and Arundati so as to pick up hold of the whole property. Aarav recover his memory and choose to trap his progression’s mother and have her captured with the assistance of Arundati.

Vatsal Seth (lead role) as Aarav Trivedi
Ishita Dutta (lead role) as Arundhati Trivedi
Lalit Parimoo
Pankaj Dheer as Kailash Nath Trivedi
Shresth Kumar
Debhashish Naha
Piyali Munshi
Ekta Mukherjee
Pyumori Mehta
Jhuma Biswas
Kapil Arya as Siddhant