Nafrat Af somali


    Nafrat Af Somali

    Nafrat Af Somali
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    Auditor Ravi Kapoor (Jeetendra) is a fair Police Officer recently exchanged back to the city following 5 years, Chandi Das Khurana (Amrish Puri) a dealer and criminal his more youthful sibling Chotu (Shakthi Kapoor) and his posse has old ill will with Ravi. Sonu Dada (Dharmendra) who is in line of wrongdoing runs a club which is shut by Ravi and captures him, Sonu gets irate against Ravi dependably carrels with him, Chandi Das need to exploit it, one day when they are battling with each other he wants to kill Ravi and trap Sonu for the situation, however Ravi spares Sonu in the battle from that point onwards they turn out to be great companions, Sonu changes his way of life and method for living and begins a technician shop. Ravi captures Chandi Das and his posse red – gave with the assistance of Sonu and sends them 6 years of detainment.

    Sonu sweetheart Radha (Anita Raj) and Ravi’s significant other Geetha (Madhavi) they wed them around the same time, them two favored with male kids around the same time and they all live joyfully for a long time. Following 6 years, Chandi Das and his posse discharges from prison and they need render retribution against Ravi and Sonu. One day Ravi is selected on an extraordinary obligation to protect important prank gem dealers, Chandi Das need to procure those gem dealers so he hijacks Ravi and Sonu’s kids and requests that Ravi understand that Jewelers however Ravi doesn’t surrender to them so they will kill Sonu’s kid as notice, Radha likewise passes on seeing the demise of her youngster. Sonu turns into a flame and need to deliver retribution against Chandi Das and his pack despite the fact that Ravi tries to stop him yet Sonu doesn’t hear him out, on the grounds that he part everything in the life, he begins slaughtering Chandi Das hoodlums one by one. There Ravi makes an arrangement to catch them he consents to give the goldsmiths to Chandi Das however they keep him in their authority in the meantime Sonu spares him, Ravi and Sonu both joins together sees the end of Chandi Das yet Sonu penances his life to secure Ravi’s kid.