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    Saleem Af Somali

    Saleem Af Somali
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    saleem Af Somali Satyavati (Ileana) is the little girl of a rich and hopeful proprietor/factionist in Rayalaseema. She is raised in Europe for as far back as 15 years. She visits the place where she grew up after a long crevice and she is assaulted by the adversary factionist. Munna (Vishnu Manchu) appears suddenly and salvages her. At that point he settles in her home as a laborer and procures the affection and trust of all Satyavati’s relatives. He cherishes Satyavati. In any case, Satyavati’s dad needs to offer to another person. Pretty much when the marriage is going to happen, it is uncovered that Satyavati has a mate (Venkat) from Europe and she utilizes Munna to help her break to Europe. Exactly when Satyavati goes to Europe, it is uncovered that Munna is none however a mafia kingpin from Bangkok called Saleem and Satyavati beau’s sibling is none yet a feared European wear called OJo a.k.a. Ogiraja Jogayya (Mohan Babu). Whatever remains of the story is about how Saleem wins Satyavati over with his one-side adoration and his experiences with OJo. Always waxaad ka heli kartaa filimada cusub ee hindi af somali ah mysomali