Sarrainodu Trailer Af Somali


    Sarrainodu Trailer Af Somali

    Sarrainodu Trailer Af Somali
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    Sarrainodu Af Somali story is about Dhanush (Aadhi) is the child of a Chief Minister. He murders a rancher for declining to surrender his properties. Gana (Allu Arjun) is an ex-military youth who thumps slanted individuals those whom can’t be rebuffed by the law because of issues in the lawful framework. He is raised by his fatherly uncle Sripati (Srikanth). He is castigated by his dad Umapati (Jayaprakash) for leaving the military and not having a point in life. He is sent to meet his forthcoming lady of the hour Mahalakshmi (Rakul Preet Singh) to a neighboring town one day, little girl of his dad’s companion furthermore an earnest IAS Officer other than government official (Sai Kumar). In any case, he meets a woman, Hansitha Reddy (Catherine Tresa), who is uncovered to be the nearby MLA and experiences passionate feelings for her. He makes up and recounts his dad an account of how he met Jaanu otherwise known as Mahalakshmi, the young lady he was to meet and how she denied him as he gets into battles.

    A conspicuous specialist come to Dhanush to escape discipline for assaulting and killing a school young lady. The casualty’s folks look for the assistance of Hansitha to get equity. Be that as it may, the protecting legal counselor pulls out a minute ago and the legal advisor guarding the attacker curves the case making it appear like the young lady was extorting the person inciting him to thrash her. The judge’s support’s decession in as indicated by legal counselor contention. Gana finds about the legal counselor and splits his legs and thrashes the legal advisor gravely. Dhanush is angered as somebody had overlooked his impact.

    Hansitha succumbs to Gana and guarantees to steadily wed him in the event that he swears within the sight of God that he will never get into battles and remain behind her eternity. At the sanctuary, as he is going to swear that he won’t get into battles, tumult starts and Mahalakshmi comes up running. She is severely harmed and is running from individuals who attempt to execute her. She is hit by a metal pole on the head when she achieves Gana. Gana holds her up . He beat everybody who attempted to slaughter her and eventually gives Mahalakshmi strength for which she had come to Gana for.

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