Wajah Tum Ho Af Somali


    Wajah Tum Ho Af Somali

    Wajah Tum Ho Af Somali

    Wajah Tum Ho Af Somali (2016)

    136 min - Thriller, Drama, mystery, Romance - 16 December 2016
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    Director:  Vishal Pandya


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    Collections: Vishal Pandya

    Tagline: From the makers of Hate Story 2 & 3


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    Release Date:  16 December 2016

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    Runtime:  2 h 16 min

    Wajah Tum Ho Af Somali is amystry thriller movie. People get entangled in a mystery when a murder is committed on live television. A Genius hacks a Tv channel owned by Rahul Oberoi and broadcasts the live murder of police officer Ramesh Sarniak,Rahul Oberoi is been interrogated by inspector Kabir Deshmukh of Mumbai police and defended by his lawyer Sia who has her boyfriend Ranveer as the prosecution lawyer.In their investigation police find one of Rahul’s old business partner Karan Parekh to be the suspect but before they could get hold of him Karan’s murder is also telecast live on the same channel.Kabir now has to find a link which joins Rahul, Karan and Sarnaik which is leading to the murder

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