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Amla Maxay Galabsatay?

Amla Maxay Galabsatay?

Genre: dramaMusalsal


Amla tells Dev when she needed him the most, he was worried for his respect. Dev says what you are saying laadi. Amla says I am not your laadi now. She says if you had courage to listen to truth, you would have listened then, you have tied lie with your neck and convince yourself. She says if you had loved me then you would have tried to enquire what happened to Amla, why did she leave everything, but no…you was worried about Pind and not about me. When you returned then also you were talking about your pain. She says whatever happened was with me. You had hidden your face and gone. She says my respect was not only gone, but my soul was shattered too. You just remembered your respect and ego, I am not a thing, that night my respect, soul and body were attacked and not your respect.

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