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Chot Aaj Isko, Kal Tereko Afsomali

Chot Aaj Isko, Kal Tereko Afsomali

Over the years, Kishan Yadav came from remote village to Mumbai. He worked hard day by day and set up a big dairy or Tabela in the city. The workers also love him. Kishan lives with hid brother Kabir. One day they were threatened by a promoter and his goons to vacate the land for their business. A corrupt and ruthless police officer Sarad backed the promoter. Kishan went to local police and politician but all in vein. While Kishan decline to vacate the area, the promoter and his goons make their life miserable. Kabir fight back alongwith few milkman. Few day latter Kabir was abducted by Sarad. Sarad tortured him, subsequently he died. A lady police inspector Malati Desai tried to give them justice but Kishan became frustrated. Now apparently cool and calm Kishan vows with anger and started to take revenge against Sarad and his associates.


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