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Dareen & Dulqaad

Dareen & Dulqaad

Genre: Musalsal


Saraswatichandra tells the story of a young, cultured aristocrat, Saraswatichandra Vyas, aka Saras, whose mother, Saraswati, committed suicide when he was a child. His father, Laxminandan Vyas, then married Gumaan, an evil and selfish woman who bore him a son, Danny, a kind and selfless boy.

Laxminandan arranges Saras’ wedding with Kumud Desai, the well-educated daughter of his best friend, Vidyachatur Desai. However, Saras, who is distraught at the death of his mother, refuses to marry and writes a letter to Kumud to inform her. She had wholeheartedly accepted the marriage proposal, responds that Saras tell her father about his rejection as she is unable to do so. Saras leaves Dubai and comes to Ratnagari, Kumud’s village, and visits her house. However, as time goes on, Saras begins to get along with Kumud’s family and starts adjusting to their ways. He eventually falls in love with Kumud and a short-lived romance follows.
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