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Godob Caashaq

Godob Caashaq

Genre: Musalsal


The story begins with a mysterious woman killing a lady who was cheating on her partner. Later it is revealed that the murders are alike to the ones happening in series in Shimla and the serial killer is Aarohi kashyap. Aarohi lives with her brother(aniket) and sister in law and their son Niku. Deep Raichand, a filthy rich man sees Aarohi somewhere and falls in love with her but Aarohi loves Vishal. Deep plans to get them both married. But vishal doesn’t turn up at the last minute and is later revealed dead. Deep marries Aarohi. On the same night it is revealed that Aarohi’s lookalike Tara raichand is the serial killer and Deep has married Aarohi to make her the killer. Unknowingly Aarohi falls in love with Deep. Laksya, the inspector investigating on this case suspects Aarohi.
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at 12:10 pm

Muxuu lagoo go ayaa


at 12:09 pm

Muxuu lagoo go yaana


at 8:38 pm

Where is geebta 144
No so day please