Raghav asks wherein to keep basket. Veer says there. He asks Naina to sit. He asks Raghav to get parcel from his vehicle. Raghav runs. Veer serves her a drink. Raghav takes the parcel and says I assume its pricey gift, that’s the manner to move Veer. Veer items Naina. She says thank you. Raghav smiles and says sorry, I won’t disturb the love birds, have a excellent time. Naina tests the gift. Raghav goes far and facts the video. He says their love story commenced, its captured now.
Naina receives the papers within the box. She reads it and gets bowled over seeing Pre nuptial agreement. She asks Veer approximately it. He says yes, its imp, if there are any headaches after marriage, I don’t need my property and wealth to be dangerous. Raghav says why did Naina’s face get faded after beginning the container. Veer tells Naina that the whole thing belongs to Mehra, in the future all this can be mine, I don’t need to say on anything, join up those papers. Naina cries. Raghav says what took place, that she got severe. Veer says come on, lets be practical, everything does pre nup, whats the massive deal. Raghav says why did Naina shy away, she knows I m recording video. He is going near listen Veer. Veer tells Naina that he’s scared that if marriage breaks, each person can ask for his wealth, its commonplace, how am i able to blindly trust you. Raghav receives taken aback. everyone get recorded.


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