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Shivajinagara Afsomali

Shivajinagara Afsomali

Producer Ramu is known for providing excessive importance to action scenes in his films. Years ago, stunt master Ram Shetty gloated about how Ramu hired three helicopters for a scene when he had sought just one. In Shivajinagara, the script may have had only about a 100 killings, but Ramu being the generous producer he is, provided at least 300 extras to be bumped off on screen. Director PN Sathya did not mind and Vijay ends up killing all of them. But it is not a Rambo style ‘machine-gunning lynch’ of a mob. Each one has to be killed individually and mostly with a sword. Care is taken to slash, pierce, impale, stab and puncture each one in different parts of the body.


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