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Terror Afsomali

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Genre: Hindi Afsomali, thriller

Director: Satish Kasetty

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Vijay (Srikanth) is a sincere cop who goes to any extent to do his job just because he is passionate about it. He has a supporting wife (Nikitha) and a father who misunderstands him. Home Minister gets an intelligence report that terrorists are planning attacks in Hyderabad on 15 August. Rest of the story is all about how Vijay foils the terror attack and how he proves his sincerety to his father.

  • waa shirkade ugu filimade fican xage turjumide uga wanaagsan qaas ahaan waxa aan hal kaan salaan qaali ah ugu dirayaa dhamaan inta ka shaqayse shirkade fanproj halkaas ka wada dadaalkiin waxa tihin ubax wadan

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