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Tihar Afsomali

Tihar Afsomali

Genre: action


Actors: , ,



Quality: HD


The Story is based on the revengeful action. The role of a gangster is player by Parthiban, who kills an eminent gangster. So, the gangster’s son Devan kills Parthiban and his whole family in cold blood, for the sake of revenge. The foundation of the plot is firmly based upon the rage of revenge taking. Devan, who is an evil gangster, is wanted by the police. Cops are target him for an encounter.In the meantime, Parthiban’s son, who was supposed to be dead 23 years ago, comes alive and targets Devan and threaten him by playing games with him. The movie saves a twist and suspense that Devan is not a real son of Parthiban.The rest of the story is about Devan realizing the truth and committing more crimes. Will it come to an end? This is the rest of the story.


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